About me

If you are attending the hands-on session for the Mission 10000 conference @INL, you can download the notebook file HERE.

I currently work as quantum computing researcher and teaching assistant in University of Minho, Dept. of Computer Science; I am also associated with INESC TEC as an assistant researcher. My work includes:

  • Continuing development of my master’s project, on the subject of validation of quantum simulations;
  • Application of quantum algorithms to “real-world” optimization problems;
  • Developing teaching materials for the graduate-level Quantum Computation course, and other educational talks;
  • Other collaborative work with fellow researchers from the HASLab group of INESC TEC, or from the quantum computation field.

Recent projects include QArithmetic, a library of quantum algorithms for binary arithmetic operations in quantum circuits which is directly implementatable in Qiskit. This group project originated in Qiskit Camp ‘19 and it is still under development.

Feel free to contact me for all things quantum or academia related!